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Civics is a social science concerned with the rights and duties of citizenship. A Wiki is a website that allows its visitors to make changes or contributions to its content. The purpose of Civics.Wiki is to provide an outlet for citizens to explore and fulfill their civic duty however they see fit. To do this, citizens are encouraged to actively engage their government - preferably at the local level. Individuals or groups may create pages for their civic engagement projects within their given geographic location. All projects should be considered Public Domain, so that others may copy and reuse materials for their own projects. For inquiries e-mail

Examples of things done on Civics.Wiki

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How to navigate Civics.Wiki

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How to edit a Wiki

  • For a simple and accessible introduction, see the "Cheatsheet"
  • For a full list of editing commands, see Wiki markup
  • To experiment with editing, use the sandbox
  • For a guide to editing, see How to edit a page
  • For a PDF, printable cheatsheet, download pdf
  • If you don't want to use wikitext markup, try VisualEditor instead

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